Soft Egirl makeup transformation tutorial

Soft Egirl makeup has been such a big trend lately that I’ve run into lots of makeup guru sharing their egirl makeup look these days. After browsing through several websites I finally figured out what is a girl and what kind of makeup look they tend to end up with.

Honestly I actually quite like the soft egirl makeup looks because they are both cute and cool, you can have them both. Therefore, I decided to do a soft egirl makeup that I have never tried out before and film a video about the transformation process.

Watch the video below if you want to see the whole makeup process:




And here’s a few things I think are vital for creating the look.



Egirls are generally pale, so I recommend using a foundation lighter than your skin tone to light up your face.

2. Eye makeup

The color of your eye makeup should align with your blush color. I decided to go with pink blush so I choose pinkish shadow shades for my eyes. I used Clio 01 air eyes for my eye palette and it worked great for creating the pink eye look.


Egirls tend to have straight and soft eyebrows. For Asian girls, just draw a natural eyebrow the way your original brow shape is.


A key point for soft egirl makeup is unusually heavy blush. You need to blush your whole cheek and your nose as well to create a cute look.

Because my hair is black and I really had nothing in common with egirl. I put on a light green wig for a typical girl’s hair color. What’s more, I put on a nose ring and tattoo to add some coolness to the final look. And the final look turns out to be like this:

soft egirl makeup

soft egirl makeup

soft egirl makeup

I really like the look it ends up with. And i hope this post could bring you some inspiration as well. So maybe after this tutorial, you start to explore your new look just like I always do.

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