Cut crease makeup transformation tutorial for asian faces

Today I will share with you a step by step my makeup transformation tutorial on how to do the popular cut crease western makeup on my Asian face. I have always wanted to do a makeup transformation tutorial on those cool and chic western cut crease makeups and I finally did it. I’m happy with the final look so I’m going to share with you guys the makeup transformation process and makeup tips on how to apply western makeup properly on the Asian faces.


To create deep face features, we need to heavily contour our faces. For Asian faces, you need to mainly focus on your nose and jawbone to create deep face features like white people. You can see the before and after effect for nose contouring.


2.Eye makeup

Unlike the Asian makeup style that prefers a natural look, western makeup style prefers to create a sexy and chic look. Therefore, false lashes and winged eyeliner are vital to creating a sexy look.

See? The eyeliner and false eyelashes instant boost the sexy vibe.


Western makeups prefer bigger lips, so I use a lip pencil to outline my lip shape first and then use lipstick to fill in the color.

And here’s the finished makeup look

asian makeup transformation tutorial

asian makeup transformation tutorial

And what I mentioned above are the main vital things for this makeup look. If you are interested in more details about this makeup, watch the video below to see the complete process:

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