Natural Asian makeup – Makeup hacks for asian faces

I know Asian makeup has been on trend for a really long time. The reasons are quite obvious as well: Asian makeup aims to create a youthful natural look. People look at you would say oh you’re pretty and you’re born this way, not that they compliment about how great you are at your makeup.

So today I created this natural Asian makeup look, and it’s the makeup look that I would put on for 80% of the days in a year.

The makeup aims to create a natural dewy look by focusing on the highlight and eye makeup. Use the shiny highlighter to create the natural glam of the skin and draw a smooth and slight wing on the eye tail to optimize the eye shape. That way we can create a natural makeup that looks like you’re pretty the way you are.


Watch the tutorial below to see the step by step makeup process.

I mentioned lots of makeup tips for Asian faces in this tutorial as well. And I hope this video is helpful, especially for makeup beginners.

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