15 awfully cute coffin acrylic nails to copy this summer

Can’t live without cute acrylic nails in coffin shape? Same here! I know sometimes acrylic nails can be extremely annoying (having trouble typing, or even touching the screen of your phone, etc), but all these pain still cannot cancel out my enthusiasm for getting my cute coffin acrylic manicure done.

So, if you’re one of us coffin acrylic nails lover(If not, you can check out our other post about cute short nails here), stay tuned. Because we are about to show you 15 incredibly adorable coffin acrylic nails that are perfect for summer. Keep scrolling to find out!

1.Reverse V French Acrylic Coffin Nails

photo source: Olivia Chan from RED
photo source: 脾气暴躁的白羊 from RED
photo source: 33zz_ from RED
photo source: 焦糖 from RED

Reverse V french coffin acrylic nails are fabulous in so many shades(ocean blue, neon green, red or even white).  And they are all perfect for summer.

2.Dip Powder Acrylic Coffin Nails

Photo source: BaOziii_包子 from RED

These pink dip powder nails are so great, and they are even prettier under the sunshine. Also, these acrylic nails are easy to apply and remove,  perfect for busy women who don’t have plenty of time left for manicures.

photo source: Moonshinerdds- from RED

This pretty black nail design is created with dip powder as well.

3.Ombre Dip Powder Coffin Nails

photo source: joeywoooooo from RED
photo source: HaloNail from RED
photo source: HaloNail from RED
photo source: HALO’NAIL from RED
photo source: 小周周 from RED

Dip powder is perfect at creating a beautiful ombre effect on nails. and these ombre dip powder nails look gorgeous in many colors( yellow, barbie pink, purple, etc). If you really want some cool girl elements, then go for bold, bright colors such as neon.

Want to know more about how dip powder works with ombre nails? check out the video below:

4. Bright Color Mixed Coffin Acrylic Nails

photo source: CC心怡 from RED

An easier way to create a fabulous summer nail design is to choose five of your favorite bright colors and apply polish in each of these colors on your fingertips.  To create a beautiful ombre effect on your nails with dip powder, you can use the method shown in the video above.

5.Flame Coffin Acrylic Nails

photo source: LYJJJJJ from RED
photo source: WanGjiApei from RED
photo source: 覠酱 from RED
photo source: 嘎嘎 from RED
photo source: KillbabeX from RED
photo source: JAne from RED
photo source: 一tuo小芒果 from RED
photo source: 树小姐日式美甲美妆工作室 from RED

Here come my favorite summer nails-flame nails! They have been trending all over Instagram long ago.  What’s great about flame nails is, no matter what shade they are in, matte or holographic, they are totally gorgeous. Now the good news is, they are not hard to copy at home, all you need to do is to watch the video below for step by step instructions:

6. Blue ombre coffin nail design

photo source: 杜梦christian from RED

Loving the long ombre rectangular space in the middle!

7.Strip coffin acrylic nails

photo source:美美的小仙猪 from RED

Strip nails are always classic and chic.

8.Creative french  coffin acrylic nails

photo source: HALO’NAIL
photo source:吾乃山鬼 from RED

This is another super hot coffin acrylic nail design on social media.  And they are perfect to try out in summer as well.

9.Glitter jelly plastic acrylic nails

photo source: @nail_unistella

Shiny glossy jelly nails, it’s such a fantasy of nails that every girl is dreaming of.

photo source: @nail_unistella
photo source: shen02 from RED

You can get rid of the shiny powders if you want your nails to be more daily nails friendly.

10.Clear cloudy coffin acrylic nails

photo source: @nail_unistella
photo source: @nail_unistella

You can look up and see the clouds in the sky, or you can look down on your nails to see them too!

11.Versace style nails

photo source: @nail_unistella

White coffin acrylic nails with black Versace letters, so chic and stylish.

12.clear plastic coffin acrylic nails

photo source: @nail_unistella

Those acrylic nails are all made of plastic but they don’t look cheap at all! On the contrary, they look incredibly chic and classy, and perfect for summer!

photo source: @nail_unistella

Or you can decorate the nails with rhinestones if you prefer shiny nails.

13.White Coffin Acrylic With Rhinestones

photo source: chey from RED

If you prefer simple nails, this is a great one for you.

photo source: LS from RED

Or you add a chain on the nail to make the design cooler.

14.Cat-eye coffin acrylic

photo source: 胖鱼九九 from RED

I love the light blue and nude shade on the nails.


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