shoes to look taller for petite girls

5 shoes for petite girls to look taller and slimmer

It’s always not easy to find clothing and shoes for petite girls. Other than the medium-sized girls, you always need to take some extra efforts in order to look taller and slimmer. Sometimes you tried stealing the whole outfit from a fashion model or icon, it ends up as a disaster because you do not have the supermodel’s legs to go with almost anything.

Another quick-fix for you is throwing some ultra-high stilettos on to instantly boost your height.   here comes the problem: are you totally fine walking in those sky-high heels all day long?  Do we have other choices in hand instead of torturing our feet?

Here comes some stunning news for petite girls. After going through tons of Instagram chic outfits photos, we have picked 5 perfect shoes that will make you completely embrace your height. if you are one of those girls who are interested in gaining a few inches to your height, this is one ultimate guide for you. Stay tuned and keep scrolling.

1.Low Cut Pump

A low cut pump can instantly maximize the length of your lower half. If you wear it with a skirt, it instantly gives you supermodel legs that catch envious eyes.

2.Nude Shoes

If the color of your lower half is the same, it makes your legs look longer and improves your body proportions. That explains the myth why every petite fashion icon you see all over social media owns at least one pair of nude shoes.

3. Pointed-toe Mules

Can you look taller without heels?  A pair of pointed-toe flat mules is the answer.  The pointed toe backless mule successfully creates the illusion of longer legs.

4.Over-the-knee Boots

Mark this down: Anything hits mid-calf will shorten your legs. Therefore,  opts either backless shoes or over-the-knee boots.  Over-the-knee boots will create a longer vision line that fake your height in no time.

5.Chunky Dad Shoes

You must have come cross chunky dad shoes on the street because it is everywhere on street style icons and celebrities. You might have wondered why everyone is wearing these ugly shoes. Because it is the lifesaver for petite girls or fashion girls looking to adds up their heights. The elevated design inside the shoes can instantly lengthen you. Besides, dad shoes magically make everything you wear looks cooler.