cute sweet heart and strawberry nail design

34 Cute Short Nails Designs in 2020

Looking for cute short nails designs to try out in 2020? Did you type in cute short nails designs in the search bar and looked over all relevant stuff but couldn’t find one for you? If this is you, Congratulations! You are exactly where you need to be right now. We have prepared you a collection of the most mesmerizing cute designs for short nails to try out in 2020.  Scroll on and get inspired.

1. Cute short Strawberry Nails Design

cute strawberry nail design
Photo Source: 没有什么能阻挡的阿喝 from RED

Will anybody says no to these super yummy strawberry nails design? Or anybody says no to you when you were in these cuties? Don’t think so.

2. Sweet Cartoon Faces Nails


Cartoon Faces Nails
Photo Source: PikaPi from RED
cartoon face cute short nails
Photo Source: Gn3n from RED

How about some awfully cute cartoon faces on your nails? 

3.Cute Rabbit and Carrot Nails

Rabbit and Carrot Nails
Photo Source: choesia小秋 from RED

Nude short nails with rabbit and carrots on, love it!

4.Doggy Faces and Paws Nails

Doggy Faces and Paws Nails
Photo Source: yyw from RED

Is there anything more innocent and sweet than the doggy face?  So how about putting on a doggy face on your fingertips?

5.Navy blue nails design 

navy Blue ombre nails
photo source: 一颗小萝卜 from RED

This is the kind of nail design that instantly brings you into summer vibes.

6. Polka dot nails design

cute polka dots short nails designs
Photo Source: 是羊仔啊 from RED


cute yellow Polka dots nails
Photo source: Millypang from RED

Polka dot nails are always one of the classic nails that never go out of date. 

7. Cute Flower Nails

cute orange flower nails
photo source: 方六橙 from RED
photo source: 方六橙 from RED

The flower design on the nails makes the mani awfully sweet and cute. Also, it is a perfect summer mani. 

8.Crystal Heart-shaped Nails

cute Crystal Heart-shaped short Nails designsA perfect mani for an elegant and classy winter look. If you want to see ideas about winter nails, check here

9. Cute French Nails


Cute french nails designs
photo source: Hsuan.C from RED

Prefer french nails but still want to look cute?  Look here! Does it remind you of children’s GRAFFITI in kindergarten?

10.Yellow French Nails

Yellow French Nails
Photo Source: _康儿 from RED

This is another cute french nails for you. I like the yellow nail because the color reminds me of sunflowers.  

11.Pink Piggy Nails

Photo Source: 集美社 JMS Studio from RED

The pink piggy face on the nail is super adorable. 

12.Nude French Nails

Nude French Nails
Photo Source: 痣多欣from RED
french nails with rhinestones
Photo source: 是羊仔啊 from RED

Tired of the traditional french nails with the same old white tip on the nail? In fact, we can make some slight changes to the nail design to make it chic and gorgeous. All we need is to put some rhinestones on.

13.Flower nails with rhinestones

photo source: Rachel from RED

Flower and rhinestones on fingertips, pretty and sweet.

14.milky white and yellow nails

milky white and yellow nails
photo source: 草莓夹心脆- from RED

The design is so very arty because of the freestyle combination of red, yellow and white shade on the nails. It is also a good pick in the fall/winter seasons. 

15. Nude ombre dip powder nails

pink ombre dip powder nails
photo source: 真有妮的 from RED

Use a nude base coat and apply metallic color dip powder onto the top of the nails to create this gorgeous nail design.

16.Vertical stripe nails


elegant vertical strip fall nails
photo source: Tinawithaheart from RED

Vertical stripe nails look cute and classic.  You can choose the vertical stripe nails if you want some simple and cute nail designs.

17. Japanese flower nails art 

nude japanese nails art with flowers and foil
photo source: 木子丘丘 from RED

Looking for some gorgeous nude nails designs for the wedding? How about this fabulous Japenese nude nail design with flowers and foils on. It’s a great nail art for summer as well.

18.White nails with blue tips


white nails with blue tip
photo source: princess from RED

White nails with blue tips, adorable!

19. Emoji Nails

cute Emoji short Nails designs
photo source: 小调皮卡丘 from RED

Have you ever seen emojis on nails? oh my god, it’s super adorable!  people literately stare at my nails when I wear them out. come and try this out before it’s everywhere on the street.

20.Avocado Green Nails

Avocado green summernails
photo source: 英桃小丸子 from RED

Anything than avocado green can bring you right into summer vibes? And they are really cute and yummy!

21. Colored french nails

photo source: 拜托别有喜 from RED

I love these awfully adorable red french nails design!

21. Peach Nails

pink peach nails
photo source: kwwwww from RED

I don’t think there is any color sweeter than peach, it always reminds you of romantic first love in teenage times. If you do want to look sweet, pick a peach manicure.

22.Yellow flower and dots nails

Yellow flower and dots nails
photo source: 决明 from RED

Polka dots, flowers, light yellow and pure white, all these adorable elements are added together in this manicure, how cunning can it be?

23. Barbie pink nails

photo source: 崔蛋蛋cvichrian from RED


photo source: 崔蛋蛋cvichrian from RED

These adorable barbie pink nails successfully throw me right into spring vibes.

24. Red heart nails

Photo Source: chenee from RED

This is another fabulous manicure that I love in our collection of cute manicure this time. because it looks romantic and sweet. It will match perfectly with all your dating outfits, and most importantly, it adds a final touch to your outfit.

25. Green Ombre nails

green ombre nails
photo source: supreme from RED

It will be the no.1 on my nails-to-do list in summer.

26.Pink pearl and dots Nails

Photo Source: 宋黛cony from RED

If you fancy some luxurious manicure with pearl and polka dots all over, this manicure would be suitable for you. Imagine dressing up all cute with this mani on. You are the prettiest princess in the world.

27.Line Nails

green line nails
photo source: supreme from RED

Line nails design is definitely one of the hottest nail trends in 2020. We picked this dark green mani because it is so great for summer. heart nails

cute pink short nails designs
Photo Source: 宋黛cony from RED

This is another perfect dating nails with a pink heart on. have you been knocked down by this beyond cute manicure? and black heart nails

cute strip and heart shape short nails designs
Photo Source: 宋黛cony from RED

The black heart makes the manicure looks cute yet cool at the same time. You can try it on if you don’t want to look too cute.

30.Blue french nails

photo source: LI STUDIO 福州美甲 from RED

This is another creative french nails. I love blue and ginger yellow combinations, which makes the nails more suitable to wear in the fall or winter season.

31.Simple Geometric Nails

geometric nails
photo source: 你的小苑 from RED

Geometric nails are chic and neutral. It’s everything you ask for for a minimalist.

32. Green Heart-shaped Nails

green heart shape nails
photo source: S-Darling from RED

33.Rainbow nails

nude rainbow nails
photo source: 钱_fafa from RED

I have a rainbow on my hand!

34. Negative space designs

Photo Source: @thehangedit

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