brown leopard nail design

20+ Gorgeous Fall/winter Nail Designs to Impress Anyone in 2019

There’s nothing quite like fall nail designs can get you autumn-ready. And some nail shades are naturally associated with autumn, such as the warm hues of falling leaves. All these shades make for perfect autumn nails.

From the popular Bvlgari Nails style to woolen nails style, we present you the top 20 hottest nails trends in fall/winter seasons in 2019. So scroll on to check out our latest Fall/Winter Nail Designs collections and get some inspirations. I promise you will be thrilled.

1.Bvlgari Nails
bvlgari nail design
photo source: 昭君smile from RED

Maybe a Bvlgari bag is an expensive item to you, but what about putting on a Bvlgari style nail design? It adds a touch of sophistication to your look.

2.Animal Print Nails
brown leopard nail design
photo source: Missxie兔 from RED
Cow nail design
photo source: 遥控小鹿 from RED

No matter it‘s leopard or cow print, as a long-lasting fashion element as it is, it can be a finishing touch in the winter. 

3.Grey glitter nails with rhinestones 
grey glitter nails with rhinestomes
photo source: 耿梦雨 from RED

Simple grey glitter nails are classic winter nails. And the rhinestones make the design shiny and luxurious.

4.Ombre Nails
blue ombre nails
photo source: 小小、from RED
photo source: 路無力 from RED
photo source: Kayee from RED
ombre winter nails
photo source: Zzz from RED
photo source: polly from RED

Ombre nails have been everywhere on Instagram for quite a long time because of the countless fabulous ombre nail designs which never seem to run out. We picked the above ombre nails which we think are perfect for the fall/winter season.

5.Grandma Grey Nails
grandma grey cute short nails
photo source: 小祯 from RED

Gramma Gray is softer than black but more advanced than white. It fits perfectly in any skin tone.

6.Cherry-red Nails

cherry red coffin winter nails
photo source: 不当仙女已经很久了- from RED

Cherry red is a must-try nail color in the fall or winter season. A touch of cherry red on your fingertips makes you look elegant and subtle.

7.Leaves Color Nails

Amber nails for fall/winter 2019
photo source:小格咯咯咯 from RED
winter brown nail design
photo source: 绿豆妙妙屋 from RED
short brown nails design for winter
photo source:带火女孩 from RED
photo source: KELLY from RED

Do the nails remind you of the falling leaves in autumn? Imagine walking down the street filled with leaves, you will know this is the right nails design to put on the minute you walk in.

8.Milky white Nails
milky white winter nails deisgn with rhinestones and pearls
photo source: piggy fan from RED

 Milky white nails always go perfectly with any outfit in winter. And the rhinestones and pearls on the nails make the design more delicate.

9.Reverse french nails
reverse french short winter nails
photo source: LANLANLI兰兰里 from RED

If you are looking for an elegant nail design to put on in the autumn/winter season, give a go on these trendy reserve french short nails.

10.Chanel Style Nails
Chanel style winter nails
photo source:LeeSee from RED
photo source: LeeSee from RED

Aiming to look elegant and rich, yet not tacky? How about a Chanel style nails design to match with your finest outfit? 

11.Matte pink nails


Matte pink winter nails
photo source: YN from RED


Matte pink coffin winter nails
photo source:匿名用户 from RED
Nude coffin winter nails
photo source: 颔颔快快长大 from RED

Pink or nude nails will never go wrong in any season. It’s always classy and effortlessly chic.

12. Black Ombre Nails

photo source:祖国的花朵 from RED

If you prefer some neutral nails designs, this cool ombre black acrylic nails design is exactly what you need. 

13. French Nails with gold or silver tips
photo source:亭亭 Christine from RED
photo source:亭亭 Christine from RED
photo source:FridaJi from RED

french nails with silver tip
photo source: Beezylee from RED
photo source: Beezylee

Apply silver or gold dip powder onto the top the nails to create these elegant and trendy french nails designs. And like all french nails do, they match with everything.

photo source: A day from RED

Or you can forget about the golden/silver tips, just go with traditional white french nails with reverse V shape. They look gorgeous in winter as well.

14.Burgundy Nails
Burgundy almond winter nails
photo source: 郑一贝. from RED

Looking for a simple and classic manicure to try out in the fall/winter season? Burgundy nails will never let you down.

15.Baby Blue Nails

baby blue and silver glitter nails design
photo source: 多伦多的小饼干翠西 from RED
baby blue winter nails
AS from RED
photo source: 501 from RED

Another fabulous nail shade for winter is baby blue or light blue. 

16. Chrome powder Nails
chrome powder nails
photo source: koujin from RED

Apply silver chrome powder onto the top of the brown coat nails to create this fabulous winter nail design.

17. Marble Nails
GREY marble nails
photo source: Ammmy from RED

I think there’s nothing other than marble nails remind me more about winter nails. 

18. Pink Ombre French Nails
Photo source: susie寿司 from RED

This pink ombre manicure is so sweet and delicate. And most importantly, the design will look good in any skin tone or nail length.

19. Water droplet Nails
grey acrylic coffin winter nails
photo source: 林公举 from RED
Baby blue water droplet nails in winter
photo source: Lucylau_ from RED


brown water droplet nails
photo source: R是个大头 from RED
green Water droplet nails
photo source: 金角大王_W from RED

These little water drops on the nails are so adorable, and they are fabulous in various shades! It’s definitely on my no.1 nails to-do list in winter.

20. White holographic nails 
white ombre holographic nails
photo source: 小熊麻麻很普通 from RED
photo source: Wiiiiiiiiiiinnieeeee from RED

Homographic nails are sure one of the hottest nail trends this winter. If you haven’t tried on the homographic nails, you are missing out on the whole world!

21.Black geometric nails

Black geometric coffin nails
photo source: THE LAB美甲实验室 from RED

This is the cool winter nail design for you to stand out from the crowd.

22.Simple matte nails

matte black nails
photo source: Lemon from RED
photo source: Catsay from RED

Matte nails are classy winter nails. It’s cool and chic, and sophisticated.

23. Matte Black flame nails

photo source: 鄭東東 from RED

Aiming to look cool and stylish in winter? Try these flame nails on.

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